Papers at TFC2016

During TRIZ Future 2016 MobileBioGas project has been promoted. Two scientific papers were presented by Sebastian Koziołek:

  • Design for change: disaggregation of functions in system architecture by TRIZ-based design – In this article, a TRIZ-based Re-design Methodology is proposed, which is intended to maximize the ability and ease of redesigning products. Its main property is the disaggregation of functions in relation to the product architecture in order to orchestrate any changes to the product‟s functionality to the related components more easily. The article presents an initial evaluation of the proposed methodology using a case studies of mobile gas station by assessing the required effort related to component modification or replacement.
  • Mobile biogas station design – the TRIZ approach – The article presents the opportunity to power internal combustion engine by treated and non-purified biogas. Internal combustion engines may be operated only within a certain range of parameters of fuel due to the design and method of operation. Furthermore, they are sensitive to changes in chemical composition of the fuel. The aim of the work described in the studies was to test the quality of biogas that can be obtained by methane fermentation of the test material. Considering the treatment of biogas as a consumable in vehicles, its physicochemical properties can be very diverse. It is reasonable therefore to analysis biogas composition of samples from various biogas plants, in the context of the possibility of its use in a motor vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The article presents an analysis of the chemical composition of untreated biogas collected from five representative biogas plants. Then it summarizes the data received with the requirements of the standards referred to European countries and set out the possibility of direct use of untreated and untreated biogas during the operation of vehicles with combustion engines.

Also, the promotional project rollup has been presented to the audience.